Building Approvals, Consultancy, Certifications and More

At SureScope Building Certifiers, we pride ourselves in offering a simplified and guided approach through the various stages of the building approvals, certification and construction process. We provide a variety of services to help you achieve the best possible results while meeting all relevant New South Wales & Commonwealth legislation.

A Wealth Of Experience in the Building Industry

Our experience ranges broadly over all sectors of the construction industry including residential, retail, commercial, aged care, hospitals, sporting complexes and industrial. We are an Accredited Certifying Authority and can provide expertise and consulting services for all parties involved in the construction and development process.

We offer skilled BCA Consultancy/Construction/Building approval services where building designs are proposed to comply with the Building Codes of Australia via the formulation of a Building Performance solution, rather than the more stringent “deemed to satisfy” provisions. As part of our holistic approach to certification and approvals, we will liaise with Fire Engineers, NSWFB and all other relevant stakeholders.

If you require expert guidance to help you navigate the complex compliance requirements, contact the team at SureScope Building Certifiers. We’re committed to streamlining the building and construction process for you.

Let Us Help You Through The Building Approvals Process

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