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Our registered team of building surveyors in Newcastle will provide fast and reliable service throughout your project.

Building inspections are an essential component of the planning and construction process. A private building surveyor can cast their experienced eye over the project from an outside perspective and identify any areas for improvement, as well as ensure the building is compliant with the Building Code of Australia regulations.

SureScope Building Certifiers can help streamline the planning and construction phases of building. Our team of Newcastle-based private building surveyors can:

  • Ensure building plans are in order.
  • Ensure the required building permits and occupancy certificates have been approved.
  • Ensure adjoining properties are protected from potential damage from the construction site.
  • Conduct building inspections and check the work is compliant with BCA standards.

Our accredited surveyors can then issue development certificates to confirm the development meets legislative requirements. Plus, our team has experience handling project management services, town planning, building and more.

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What to expect from our building and construction surveyors in Newcastle

Private certifiers and building surveyors determine applications for construction certificates and complying development certificates, but can also be appointed as the principal certifying authority for the development.

An accredited certifier carries out critical stage inspections during construction to ensure the building work is in accordance with the development consent and legislative requirements.

At the end of construction, the property owner must apply to the principal certifying authority for an occupation certificate. The principal certifying authority will conduct a final inspection and issue this certificate if satisfied that the building is suitable for occupation or use.

A building must not be occupied or used without an occupation certificate.

SureScope Building Certifiers can help guide you through the assessment and application process. We have an experienced team of certifiers and private building surveyors in Newcastle, meaning we can assist onsite and provide advice from planning to the completion of construction.

FAQs about our registered building surveyors in Newcastle

Yes, if you need an occupancy certificate for an existing building, we can conduct the required final inspection to ensure the building meets all legislative requirements for occupation. Our highly qualified surveyors will guide you through the application process and issue the occupancy certificate if satisfied with the building’s condition.

At Surescope Building Certifiers, our industry-leading team will recommend all necessary precautions and measures be taken to protect adjoining properties from potential damage during construction. This includes assessing the construction site, advising on protective measures and ensuring compliance with regulations that mandate safeguarding surrounding properties.

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If non-compliance issues are identified during an inspection, we provide detailed reports on the findings and offer guidance on corrective actions. We work closely with clients to ensure that all issues are addressed promptly and that the project meets all compliance standards before proceeding.

Yes, engaging us as the principal certifying authority involves certain fees, which are based on the scope and complexity of your project. We provide transparent pricing information upfront and will discuss all costs associated with our services during the initial consultation.

For more information on our services, contact our team online.

To keep your project on schedule, we recommend contacting us as early in the process as possible to ensure all planning and compliance aspects are addressed from the outset. Our proactive approach and effective communication help to identify and resolve potential issues quickly, minimising delays.

Our team has extensive experience with council approvals and past careers as project managers, town planners and builders. From specialised surveying services to recommendations on sustainable solutions, we have the skills to ensure your project remains on schedule. Contact our qualified team today.

Streamline the building process by talking to our private building surveyors in Newcastle. Contact us today.

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