Achieve Faster Building Approvals With A Complying Development Certificate in Newcastle

A complying development certificate (CDC) is essentially a fast-tracked approval process for simple developments in the residential, industrial and commercial sectors. These certificates are granted when a development proposal complies with any applicable Building Code of Australia (BCA) building and planning controls.

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SureScope Building Certifiers Newcastle can help fast-track the certification process.

Accredited certifiers and councils can issue complying development certificates in Newcastle and New South Wales. The certificate must be obtained before any building work commences, including site works such as demolition and excavation.

A complying development certificate must be issued by an accredited certifier or local council before the commencement of work.

At SureScope, our team of CDC private certifiers in Newcastle can help get your project underway sooner by issuing your complying development certificate.

Our Grade 1 Building Certifiers can assess building plans and provide compliance advice for Building Codes of Australia regulations. We deliver a fast, effective service with great attention to detail.

What Do I Need For A Complying Development Application?

As per CDC requirements in NSW, you will need to provide:

  • Design plans: Provide detailed plans of your proposed property development, including architectural drawings, floor plans, elevations, and sections.
  • Certificates of title: Submit copies of the certificates of title for the property on which the development is planned.
  • Site plans: Include a site plan that shows the location of the proposed development on the property and its relationship to neighbouring buildings and infrastructure.
  • Building specifications: Provide specifications that outline the materials, finishes, and construction methods to be used in the development.
  • Structural plans: Include structural engineering plans that demonstrate the stability and integrity of the proposed development.

Additional documents may be required during the application process, depending on the nature of your development. Our CDC certifiers in Newcastle will provide a detailed list of requirements based on the proposed development and ensure these documents comply with the Building Code of Australia.

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What Is Considered An Exempt Development?

SureScope can inform you when developments are exempt from council approval, so you won’t apply for a complying development certificate you don’t need. Minor renovations and projects are usually exempt, including:

  • Balconies, decks, patios, pergolas, terraces and verandas
  • Demolition
  • Earthworks and retaining works
  • Temporary uses and structures
  • Minor internal & external alterations
  • Regardless of the size and scope of your development, we recommend consulting the council or a private certifier before proceeding with a project.

Whatever your development goals, we can guide you through the compliance regulation procedures and gain approval for your project.

Other FAQs About Complying Developments In NSW

How long does it take to get CDC approval in Newcastle?

The processing time for a CDC can vary depending on the complexity of the project and the workload of the certifier or council. Generally, you can expect to receive a decision within 20 days of lodging your development applications.

What happens if my CDC application is rejected?

If your CDC application is rejected, we will need to submit a full development application to your local council. This process can be more complex and time-consuming than a CDC application and may require additional information and documentation.

How important is it to consult with a principal certifying authority?

Consulting with a certifier or council is highly recommended before submitting a CDC application. We guide you through the requirements, standards, and regulations that must be met. We also ensure that all necessary documents and information are included in the application.

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