Construction Certificate Applications & Approvals

SureScope Building Certifiers’ expert team of Grade 1 Accredited Consultants offer professional construction certification solutions in Newcastle.

Once you’ve received consent from the council on your development application, the next phase is obtaining a construction certificate so construction can get underway.

Construction certificate vs CDC

A complying development certificate is an alternative to a development application and is considered a fast-tracked approval process for straightforward developments.

A construction certificate confirms that a building plan is consistent with development consent, complies with relevant conditions for development consent and complies with the Building Code of Australia (BCA).

Construction certificates and complying development certificates must be obtained prior to commencement of construction.

If you don’t have either a construction certificate or a complying certificate your building work will be deemed unauthorised. This will prevent you from obtaining an occupation certificate upon completion of the constriction work.


Getting a Construction Certificate

Accredited certifiers and your local council can provide both complying certificates and construction certificates. At SureScope Building Certifiers, our expert team of construction consultants provide construction certification solutions including complying and construction certificates.

We will ensure your construction plans and development specifications are in line with council requirements. Our professional team will check every detail to ensure your application is approved quickly, so you can get your project underway sooner.

Avoid costly delays by having a professional building certifier cast their expert eye over your construction plans. They’ll identify potential issues and make recommendations for improvements to give you your best chance of approval.

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